• Provide you with the most current market information.
  • Contact your lender regarding loan programs, interest rates, loan fees and payments.
  • Be forthright regarding specific property prices, all purchase costs, inspection reports, disclosures and any condition that may affect the property and its value.
  • Provide you with a comprehensive list of real estate service providers such as title and escrow companies, lending institutions, insurance companies, and inspection companies.
  • Prepare a detailed buyer estimate of purchase costs and fees for the property of your choice.
  • Show you properties within the scope of your specifications and price range.
  • Provide you with the required purchase contract and explain in detail all terms and conditions of the contract at the time of signing.
  • Represent your interest at the presentation of the purchase contract to the seller.
  • After presentation make sure the purchase contract and all attachments are signed or initialed properly and the appropriate copies are delivered to you and the seller.
  • Make sure your purchase escrow is opened and all documents and your security deposit(s) are delivered to escrow as per contact.
  • Review all property title information with escrow.
  • Monitor and communicate to you the status of all contract contingencies and time frames.
  • Obtain for your review all home owners’ association documents and any covenants, conditions and restrictions attached to the properties title.
  • Order on your behalf any desired inspections or reports.
  • Be at the property as your representative during inspections and investigations.
  • Stay in constant communication with you regarding the completion of the terms and conditions found in the purchase contract.
  • Accompany you on your final walk through of the property prior to closing.
  • Accompany you to the signing of your final closing documents.
  • Stay in close contact with the seller’s agent to insure a contractually proper transition of possession of the property.
  • Provide you with local school, service providers, utility providers and community information you may desire.
  • Be available to ensure that your transition into your new property was satisfactory and in the Intero tradition.